Cape Neddick Families Know Who to Call When a New Chimney Cap Is in Order – Frechette Chimney

An uncapped chimney will leave your Cape Neddick chimney vulnerable to leaks, animal entry, water damage, and clogs. Fortunately for those in or living close to York Beach, Ocean View Village, Concordville, York Cliffs, Chases Pond, Scituate, Clay Hill, Brickyard Landing, Kennebunkport, Falmouth, South Portland, and Eliot, our crew can custom-fit a cap specific to your needs!

Chimney caps serve a lot of important functions. They keep outdoor debris (like leaves, twigs, grass, and even trash) from flying into your flue and creating clogs; they block animals from entering and building nests; they prevent downdrafts from swooping through your flue; and they even prevent stray sparks from escaping and landing on flammable roofing materials.

But perhaps their biggest role? Keeping water out of your chimney. Water and chimneys are two things that don’t mesh well, so preventing water damage should always be a priority for homeowners – and sweeps for that matter!

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Water & an Uncapped Chimney

So, what happens if water is free to enter your chimney? Well, the following components will suffer because of it:

  • Your Masonry: Bricks soak up water with ease, and it won’t be long before all of that absorbed moisture starts to deteriorate your brickwork and mortar. This, along with the freeze/thaw process, affects the strength and stability of your system and causes cracks, gaps, and other openings to form throughout it – not good for efficiency or safety.
  • Your Chimney Liner: If water can easily enter your flue, you can bet your chimney liner is going to suffer. And as it breaks down, your masonry will be left vulnerable to the acidic gases and fumes that your fires produce. In the end, a compromised chimney liner leads to a whole mess of other issues, so this is one area you want to keep protected and water-free.
  • Your Walls & Ceilings: If your cap is missing (or damaged) it’s not uncommon to see staining on the walls and ceilings surrounding your chimney. If you’ve noticed this, call in a sweep to investigate, because there’s definitely a leak occurring somewhere.
  • Your Firebox: Notice water pooled in your firebox? Cracks and damages throughout the firebox can lead to a lot of bigger problems, and as the spot that hosts your fires, it’s imperative this area stays in tip-top shape.
  • Your Adjacent Woodwork: If you’ve already spotted stains on walls and ceilings, then there’s a chance your woodwork is starting to rot, too.

The bottom line? If just one area of your chimney – especially one as important as the cap – is experiencing issues, a lot of other areas are going to suffer, as well. A cap is an easy investment that won’t break the bank or take up a ton of your time. Don’t put it off any longer! Our sweeps would be happy to find the perfect fit for your chimney system.

All About Our Services

Need general maintenance like chimney sweepings and inspections? We can do both! Our chimney sweeping services are thorough, ensuring no creosote or debris is left behind, and we perform level 1, 2 and 3 chimney inspections as well.

If one of our inspections reveals damages, we offer chimney repair services, too. Count on us for stainless steel chimney relining, leaky chimney repair, or if damages are extensive and you’re looking to avoid a ton of renovations, consider an Ahren-Fire fireplace restoration system.

Been in the market for a new system? We sell and install a variety of products. Ask us about our stoves (we offer wood, gas, and pellet), our fireplace inserts, or our class A chimneys. We can also get you a new chimney cap or chase cover if that’s all you need. Whatever’s on your chimney checklist, we want to help!

Don’t Put Off Necessary Chimney Repairs

If you need professional chimney care at your home on Ocean Avenue, Church Street, Nubble Road, Parlin Drive, Nicole Road, Cycad Avenue, Valley Road, Highland Avenue, Shelton Drive, Hillside Avenue, Bank Road, Atlantic Avenue, Cross Street, Pine Street, Maple Street, Oak Street, Old Post Road, Ridge Road, Dewey Road, Horn Road, Rogers Road, Dean Road, Paul Street, Leona Lane, Harry Street, or anywhere else in the area, don’t hesitate to reach out.

When addressed quickly, chimney repairs are often easy to resolve, but the longer care is avoided, the worse damage will become. We’ve traveled to Seabury, Foristall Corners, Bald Head, York Heights, York Harbor, Rye, Scarborough, and more, and we’re happy to come to you when you need us. Reach out at 207-608-0564 today to book your appointment.


We’re always happy to travel to Eliot to help our customers in this portion of our service area stay safe and warm throughout each burn season.