Hoping to Avoid Expensive Chimney Repairs? Ask Us About Ahren-Fire Fireplace Restoration System

Sitting in front of a fire is supposed to be a comforting, restful experience, but for many, this unfortunately isn’t their reality. If you’ve found yourself frustrated with smoke in your living space, a lack of warmth, or issues with draft and airflow, then we’re guessing your evening fires are more on the stressful side of things. But what do you do when you’re experiencing fireplace inefficiency? Call in a certified sweep for an inspection! Here at Frechette Chimney, we would be happy to look things over if your fireplace is giving you trouble – your peace of mind is what we strive for!

Brick Fireplace with fire burning in it and duraflame box on the left side of hearth

Ahren Fireplace Restoration

What could be the problem? Your system could have been designed improperly from the start, or it may have accumulated damage over years of use. Either way, simply piecemealing together a new system or hoping problems are addressed with workarounds, there’s a better option: Ahren-Fire Fireplace Restoration System.

Ahren Fireplace Brochure of how a Ahren Fireplace works

Why does Ahren-Fire Work?

What Is an Ahren-Fire Fireplace Restoration System?

So, first and foremost you’re probably wondering… what is that? Here’s a more in-depth look at just what an Ahren-Fire fireplace restoration system actually is.

From top to bottom, an Ahren-Fire fireplace is a complete system. Everything about it meets the codes of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), so you can rest assured it will function efficiently and safely, and will be up to the coding requirements of your area.

Engineering is detailed so that installation is simplified and everything fits perfectly. Cast materials are strong and sturdy enough to withstand any bumps along the way, as well as those intense temperatures associated with burning productive fires. The system is also designed to give you cleaner, more productive fires, and it’s made of components that literally radiate heat back into your home.

The best part? There are 8 different model types, so you’re sure to find the right fit, no matter the size or shape of your fireplace. And all the while, your fireplace face will be left unaltered. You get the efficiency and enjoyment you’re hoping for, all while keeping that aesthetic you love. We’d say that’s a win all around.

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Say good-bye to cold, drafty nights and hello to countless cozy evenings by investing in a unit that’s reliability built and will stand strong for the long haul.

Think You Could Benefit From Ahren-Fire Fireplace Restoration? Let Us Help!

If you feel that this could be a good option for your household, please reach out to our team. We’ll come out, assess your fireplace, and if it’s a good match, make the installation quickly and properly. Once the service is complete, you’ll notice endless benefits, such as these:

  • No more smoky living space
  • Less creosote buildup
  • More heat being poured into your home
  • A safer fireplace experience (and more peace of mind)
  • Improved draft and airflow
  • All proper clearance adhered to
  • A better-functioning flue
  • Cleaner, hotter fires

Let’s chat to see if this could be the best option for your home!

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As a family-owned business, we know how important it is to maintain a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home, which is why we always make your satisfaction our priority. And if you’re in Kittery, York, or Eliot, courteous, professional, and highly knowledgeable sweeps are just a phone call away. Call 207-608-0564 or request an appointment online today. We’re here to help.


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