Is Creosote Taking Over Your Chimney in Scarborough? Schedule a Sweeping With Frechette Chimney

Our CSIA-certified experts can remove creosote, nesting materials, and excess debris from your chimney, ensuring you get more warmth and less risk from your fireplace. Join your neighbors in Scarborough, Oak Hill, Pleasant Hill, Danish Village, Rigby, Town Landing, Higgins Beach, Blue Point, Sunset Park, Pine Point, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Kennebunkport, Eliot, and more by working with the best – that’s us!

Sweepings are a necessary part of chimney care. Why? Well, one reason is because debris and flammable nesting materials sometimes build up inside of it. During a sweeping, all of these materials will be removed, after which the sweep can recommend a quality chimney cap to ensure this isn’t a problem you have to face again down the line.

Another reason chimney sweepings are important is to ensure any large creosote deposits are removed. Creosote can take on a few different forms, but all types have one thing in common – they’re highly flammable! This means the more you have, the higher your chances are of experiencing a chimney fire, which can be damaging to your system and could threaten the safety of your home. Avoid chimney fires by investing in annual inspections and scheduling that sweeping when your sweep advises it. This is one precaution you don’t want to ignore.

Also, because chimney fires are typically quiet, you may not know you’ve had one. So, keep an eye out for common signs that one has occurred. This could include warped metal components, puffy/honeycombed creosote inside of your flue, cracked or collapsed flue tiles, cracks in your masonry, creosote on your roof, discoloration, and smoke escaping through your mortar joints.

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What To Do After a Chimney Fire

Have you noticed signs of a chimney fire? First things first, stop using your fireplace. There’s likely damage throughout your flue and masonry, meaning things like smoke, carbon monoxide, and flames could enter your home and put you at risk.

Next, call in a sweep that has been certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). They’ll need to perform a level 2 inspection, which requires the use of camera equipment to get a thorough analysis of every area of your chimney.

Here at Frechette Chimney, we’re known for our in-depth level 2 inspections. We’ll ensure nothing is missed and that any damages are appropriately addressed, guaranteeing a safer burning experience for you and your family.

What can a homeowner expect in terms of repairs if they’ve had a chimney fire? Well, this is going to vary case by case. Chimney fires don’t affect every chimney the same way, and it will depend a lot on what type of setup you have. This is why scheduling that level 2 inspection is a must! We simply have to know where you stand before we can move forward with repairs.

That said, the more common repairs needed are relining work, repairs to your masonry and flue tiles, creosote removal, and rebuilds.

No one wants to hear that they’ve experienced a chimney fire, but if you’ve had one, it’s important to move forward with a team you can trust. We’re here to serve homeowners all throughout Broadturn Road, Payne Road, Haigis Parkway, Gorham Road, Sunrise Drive, Scottow Hill Road, Willowdale Road, Whipple Lane, Heritage Lane, Phillip Street, Ward Street, Imperial Lane, Sawyer Road, Beaver Brook Road, Longmeadow Road, Beech Ridge Road, Grant Road, Glendale Circle, Dresser Road, Highland Avenue, Schooner Road, Fogg Road, and any streets surrounding, so don’t hesitate to rely on our professional and courteous crew for it all.

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Removing harmful creosote is an important part of chimney maintenance, but that’s not all your system may need to stay in tip-top shape, year after year. Rely on us for the following:

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Whether you have questions about your appliance, need help scheduling an appointment, are interested in upgrading or adding something new, or you have other fireplace/chimney needs, we’re here to help. We’d love to do everything we can to make your home in Eight Corners, Grand Beach, Thornton Heights, West Scarborough, Crocketts Corner, York, Kittery, or anywhere else surrounding safer and more comfortable. All that’s left to do is book your appointment. To do this, simply call 207-608-0564 or reach out to us here on our website. We’ll talk to you soon!


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