Chimney Caps Are an Affordable & Necessary Investment for Your Chimney & We Can Custom Fit Yours

When it comes to chimney anatomy, we don’t like to rank one component above another. Every piece serves a purpose, and if just one area is compromised (no matter what that is), you’re sure to see ripple effects throughout the system. All in all, everything needs to be in tip-top shape for that heightened efficiency you desire.

That said, there is one part that, while simple and inexpensive, serves many different and important functions: the chimney cap. We’re here to highlight five of the biggest motives for investing in this device. This is one area you won’t want to skimp on.

view from on top of roof of chimney with copper colored metal chimney cap
view from on top of roof of chimney with copper colored metal chimney cap
close up of brick chimney with copper colored chimney cap
brick chimney on roof with copper colored cap
brick chimney on roof with silver metal chimney cap
Modern home with brick chimney on side of house with metal chimney cap

Frechette Chimney – Custom Chimney Caps

Top 5 Functions of the Chimney Cap

  1. Keeping Out Water

We’d argue that keeping out water is the chimney cap’s most important function. Without a cap in place, you’d basically be left with a big hole in the top of your chimney, through which rain, snow, sleet, and the like could enter and cause damage. A well-fitted chimney cap installed by a professional will ensure water stays out through every blizzard or rainstorm.

  1. Blocking Debris

Uncapped chimneys are also prone to blockages. Outside debris can fly into the chimney opening on windy days and cause blockages and clogs if there’s no cap to stop them. When this occurs, you’ll experience poor draft and airflow, which leads to all kinds of problems with system performance and efficiency. A chimney cap will ensure that debris is sent elsewhere, leaving your chimney clean and debris-free.

  1. Preventing Animal Entry

Does the thought of birds chirping in your chimney or squirrels scratching around your flue trigger a bit of a panic attack? You’re not alone! Dealing with animals in your chimney can be a huge headache, and if the critters end up being endangered (e.g. the chimney swift), then removing them won’t even be an option. Animals invite more pests and problems than anyone wants to deal with, so get that sturdy cap installed right away to avoid the stress. It’s a really easy way to keep your home safer and gain some peace of mind.

  1. Stopping Downdrafts

Experiencing drafts in your home courtesy of the chimney? This isn’t fun for those trying to stay comfortable in their space, and it can put a strain on your energy bills when your HVAC system is forced to keep up with fluctuating temps. Not to mention, these downdrafts often bring less than pleasant chimney smells in with them. Fortunately, chimney caps put this issue to rest in a hurry.

  1. Serving as Spark Arrestors

What’s a spark arrestor? Well, it’s essentially anything that stops a combustion source from landing on something flammable. In this case, your chimney cap prevents any stray sparks or embers from working their way up and out of your chimney and landing on your roofing materials (or any leaves or other debris that may be hanging out up there). Just one more way a chimney cap helps ease your mind!

How Else Can We Improve Your Chimney’s Health?

Getting fitted with the right equipment is a must for chimney health. A custom chimney cap plays a big part in that, but so does a stainless steel liner, a well-designed chase cover, and a properly built chimney crown – among many other things.

If you aren’t sure where your chimney stands, consider investing in a level 2 inspection with our team. We’ll thoroughly assess your entire system and let you know what’s needed to get it up to par and keep it as safe, strong, and efficient as possible. Just call 207-608-0564 to book your appointment, and in no time you’ll be enjoying your fireplace with ease and tranquility. Sound idyllic? Call today.


If you have a prefabricated chimney system, then you likely need a chase cover for the best protection. Our installation experts can point you in the right direction.