Full Wood Fireplaces

Get All the Pros of Wood, Without the Cons With a New Wood-burning Fireplace From Frechette Chimney

Thinking of adding a wood fireplace to an area of your home that doesn’t yet have one? We’d love to help. We sell and install fireplaces from leading brands that know how to make highly efficient and attractive fireplaces that last.

What Makes Our Wood-burning Fireplaces Better?

Why shop for a wood-burning fireplace rather than building a traditional masonry fireplace on site? There are many reasons!

For one, when you buy a fireplace from Frechette, we can use any finishing material to complete the installation. These fireplaces are built in a way that allows more installation placement and finishing flexibility – and that means you’re not limited to just brick or stone to complete the look. Just let us know what look you’re going for and we’ll take care of the rest.

Another benefit is that, unlike traditional masonry fireplaces, when you have one of the fireplaces we offer installed, you’ll get much higher efficiency, much more heat, and less waste and particulates. So, you can enjoy more warmth from every log, and know you’re not sending loads of pollutants into the air with each fire.

And lastly, these fireplaces have their own venting systems and don’t weigh as much as traditional masonry fireplaces and chimneys, so you can install one just about anywhere in your home that you’d like.

Let’s Start on Your New Fireplace – Call Today!

So, stop dreaming about adding that wood fireplace to your master suite, family room, office, or dining room, and let’s make it happen. Call Frechette Chimney – we’d love to discuss your options with you and help you decide on the perfect fireplace and finish for your space. Call or reach out online today!


It could be that a gas fireplace is exactly what would work for you…ask our sales and installations crew for more information now.