Oil/Gas Boiler & Furnace Relining

We Offer Oil/Gas Boiler & Furnace Flue Relining in York, Kittery & the Neighboring Areas

The flues that vent heating appliances like fireplaces and stoves aren’t the only flues that need to be in great shape. The chimney venting your oil or gas boiler or furnace also needs to be well-maintained for the safety and health of you and your family.

But, like fireplaces and stoves, boilers and furnaces release byproducts that can be damaging to the flue liner. Corrosive moisture can erode metal liners and clay liners, and pieces of clay liners can break off and block the chimney.

A damaged liner can cause a host of problems – from an inefficient boiler or furnace to carbon monoxide exposure – which is why it’s imperative that you have your oil/gas boiler or furnace inspected on an annual basis. The NFPA and CSIA include boiler and furnace flues in their standard for this reason.

By scheduling routine annual inspections of your boiler or furnace flue, you’ll know when damage is present in the liner and when it’s time for a reline.

Wait, Doesn’t the Company That Services My Furnace/Boiler Look at the Liner?

This is a question we get asked a lot: Doesn’t the company that services my gas/oil furnace or boiler look at the liner? The answer is “no.’” Their job is to service the actual appliance and ensure that it’s in good working order. Inspecting the chimney that vents the appliance is not part of their job. That’s the job of a CSIA-certified chimney sweep.

What Can a New Furnace or Boiler Liner Do for You?

If we find cracks, gaps, holes, rust, or other damage or concerns with the liner venting your furnace or boiler, we’ll recommend a reline. Here at Frechette Chimney, we reline furnaces and boilers with stainless steel liners that are insulated, durable, and ready to serve for years and years.

What will you get with a new liner?

A new liner can boost appliance efficiency and safety and leave you with a more comfortable home with fewer safety and health risks. Plus, if the liner is in great shape and free of damage, the job of the furnace or boiler is easier – which means it can provide as many years of service as it was designed to.

And when you reline with stainless steel, you’ll know your investment will pay off, year after year. As long as they’re cleaned and maintained, these liners are built to last a lifetime!

Get Peace of Mind by Scheduling Your Furnace or Boiler Inspection & Relining With the York Area’s Trusted, Certified Sweeps

When was the last time you had your furnace or boiler flue inspected? It may be time for a new liner. Schedule your inspection today and get the peace of mind that comes only when you have the job done by experienced, certified sweeps. Call Frechette Chimney or reach out online today. We’re here for you!


If you’re looking at some chimney repairs but aren’t sure what you really need, talk to us about Ahren-Fire restoration system…it’s like a brand new chimney system without the mess or expense of a complete rebuild.