Leaky Chimneys Are No Match for Our Certified & Experienced Chimney Techs

If you’re a homeowner in York County, then you know how the seasons here tend to go. In the winters it’s snowy, sleety, and cold, and once spring comes around, we’re bound to experience more than a few rainy days. This is great for those that love to see white Christmases melt into flowery, green springs, but is it great for your masonry? Not so much.

How Water Affects Your Chimney

There are numerous ways excess moisture can cause damage throughout your chimney system. Here’s a rundown of some of the more common issues our customers face:

  • Deteriorated & Crumbling Masonry: One of the biggest concerns is how your brickwork and mortar are affected. Water soaks into your brickwork like a sponge, breaking it down a lot in the process. And as temperatures fluctuate, the water freezes and thaws, pushes against the bricks and creates more openings for water to enter down the line. This vicious cycle is known as the freeze/thaw process and it needs to be avoided at all costs.
  • Rust: If water is given the chance to pool on your chimney cap, flashing, or any other metal roofing or chimney components you have, you can expect rust to form. Rust leads to corrosion which leads to cracks, holes, and gaps. And if these form, water is given easy access to various other parts of the system – not good!
  • Rotted Woodwork: Many don’t realize the damage water can do to brick, but most know that water and wood are less than compatible. If your chimney isn’t protected from leaks, it won’t be long before adjacent woodwork is affected, too – leaving you with lots of fixes to address around your home.
  • Mold Growth: Mold doesn’t only cause damage throughout your home, it can also lead to health issues for those exposed. And if it isn’t stopped, it will continue to spread and spread. Rather than deal with the headache of removing it, we advise doing all you can to avoid it in the first place.
  • Staining: Chimney leaks are notorious for causing staining on walls and ceilings surrounding the system. These are unsightly and a sign of bigger problems to come, so address it ASAP – then take appropriate steps to avoid it down the line.
  • Clogging: Clogs in your flue mean decreased airflow and poor draft. This can lead to inefficiency, smoke backup, gas leaks, and a lot of stress. And the more moisture that’s present, the higher your risk of experiencing clogs are.

If you notice any of these issues throughout your chimney or fireplace, then it’s time to call us in. The more damages your system experiences, the more expensive repair services become, and the more hazardous your fireplace becomes to use. This is one area of your home where investing in repairs earlier on pays off big time down the road. 

Play it safe by reaching out at the first sign of trouble. We’re certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), so you can place your trust in us.

Preventing Water Damage

We have the tools, training, and expertise to help repair any issues that come your way, but wouldn’t it be better to avoid them altogether? If it’s preventive maintenance you’re after, that’s something you can depend on us for, too!

As far as avoiding water damage, one of the most important chimney services to invest in is waterproofing. As mentioned above, your brickwork is incredibly porous, so finding ways to keep it from drinking up any water it can is a must. Once applied, our waterproofing products will cause water to roll away, rather than soak in, preventing that harmful water damage and ensuring the freeze/thaw process doesn’t take a toll.

And don’t worry about the look of your system being compromised. The sealants we use don’t affect the appearance of your masonry at all. And to top it all off, they are vapor-permeable, so any pre-absorbed moisture, fumes, and vapors that need to escape easily can. Paints and store-bought sealers can lock moisture in, which doesn’t really help your brickwork stay strong.

large brick chimney with cap on a roof of home

Frechette Chimney – Preventing Water Damage

We can also help by installing a chimney cap. If your current cap is damaged or just missing altogether, water will easily enter your flue right from the top. A well-fitted custom chimney cap keeps out rain, snow, and sleet, as well as any outside debris that could form clogs. And as an added bonus, it also prevents animal entry, stops sparks from landing on your roof, and prevents downdrafts – definitely a much-needed and worthwhile investment!

Other things that help prevent water entry are properly installed flashing, a sturdy chimney crown or chase cover, and mortar that’s been properly applied through tuckpointing (no store-bought caulk allowed). We can help with it all!

Our Licensed & Insured Sweeps Are Ready to Serve York & the Surrounding Cities

If you live in or near York, Eliot, or Kittery, then it’s time to trust in our crew for the affordable, mess-free chimney care you deserve. Finding a reliable chimney company that you can trust in for it all takes all the stress out of future maintenance, so make us your go-to team for everything! Ready to schedule your appointment? Our number is 207-608-0564. Call today!


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